Welcome to Web Marketing One’s digital marketing questionnaire page! We believe in delivering personalized and effective digital marketing solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. To ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business and objectives, please take a few moments to complete the questionnaire below. Your responses will serve as a foundation for our initial analysis and discussions, allowing us to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that drives results.

The questionnaire covers various aspects of your business, including your target audience, current marketing efforts, and desired outcomes. We ask detailed questions about your industry, competitors, and existing online presence to gain valuable insights into your market position. Additionally, we explore your goals, budget, and timeline to align our strategies with your specific requirements. Rest assured that all the information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and our team of experts will use it exclusively to create a customized plan to propel your business forward. By completing this questionnaire, you’re taking an important step towards harnessing the power of digital marketing and unlocking your business’s true potential with Web Marketing One.

This questionnaire is an important first step in the strategic planning process for your new marketing efforts. It helps ensure that we are building the right strategy to meet all your business goals. Please complete this questionnaire with as much detail as you can.

Your Business:

1. What are the primary business goals for your online presence (e.g. branding/identity reinforcement, improved access to information, audience communications, etc.)?

2. What are the primary “differentiators” between you and your competitors? In other words, what is your unique value proposition over others?

3. Are there any unique business services or products pertaining to your business that audiences may not be aware of because of lack of promotion?

4. What is the lifetime value of one of your customers? Would you be interested in lengthening this time?

5. Who is your audience? Is there a specific target audience associated with your organization? Please be as specific as possible — demographics, location, behaviors, tech-savvy, etc.

6. Are you interested in attracting a broader target audience or expanding your reach? if so, have those been identified?

7. What is the most important conversion action/goal you want these audiences to complete on your website? This must be specific, measurable, and realistic (e.g. download a whitepaper, purchase, join, search a database, etc.)

8. What secondary actions do you want visitors to complete? (e.g. subscribe to your newsletter, etc?)

9. What is the ideal outcome will make your project successful? How will you measure that success?

Your Brand:

1. What are your brand identity assets (e.g., brand standards, logo, tagline)?

2. Are there sub-brands to your main brand (think SC Johnson, which is the parent brand for Windex)?

3. What adjectives would you use to best describe your company? (List at least 3.)

4. Do you have a tagline that needs to be included as part of your overall brand?

5. What is your company’s mission statement, if you have one? If you don’t have one, would you like one crafted for you?

6. Any additional information about your brand that you would like to share?

7. Are you looking for a new brand, reposition, or rebrand for your company?

Your Competition:

1. Please list all direct and most prominent competitors, including URLs if they have an online presence.

2. Please provide any competitive intelligence or even simply observations that you’ve made over the years for these competitors that may impact this project. In other words, are there specific things we should keep in mind as we review these competitors?


1. Do you currently have a documented marketing plan that details your current marketing strategies?

2. Please describe any future online and offline marketing campaigns that would be important for us to know about.

3. Please list all of the mediums you are currently using for marketing purposes.

4. Do you currently have a documented social media strategy?

5. Are there different marketing and advertising goals for different products that will need to be considered?

6. What is your marketing budget?

7. What is your digital marketing budget?


1. Do you have people on staff that can spend some time on content generation? If so, who?

2. How many hours could you and/or your staff dedicate to content generation each month?

3. List out some article/blog topics that you think your target audience would want to read about?

4. What are some main focuses of information about your business that you would want the public to know about?

5. Do you have content that could be generated on an ongoing basis such as news, updates, promotions, specials, etc.?

5. Would you like to have a custom content calendar built?

SEO & Pay Per Click Marketing:

1. What is your average organic search traffic rate? What is your ideal number of organic search visitors each month?

2. What are the primary actions you want visitors to take when they get to the site? Do you currently have conversion goals established for your site?

3. What percent of your visitors do you expect from organic search?

4. What keywords are most important for your site to be found under?

5. When was the last search engine optimization (SEO) audit/update of your site’s content?

6. To what extent are you willing to allow the site to be modified to be found in the organic search engine listings? Please pick one below.

7. What percent of your visitors do you expect from Pay-Per-Click (PPC)? Are you currently running a PPC program?

8. How do you track PPC conversions?

9. How do you track organic conversions?

10. What is your ideal percent of organic search traffic versus PPC traffic? (ex: 75% organic)

11. Do you use any custom landing pages for PPC/emails? or Multi-variant A/B testing?

12. What is your email campaign strategy? How often are automated emails sent out and how often are manual outreach emails sent out?

13. Do you use any websites or services for lead generation? If so, please explain.

What Services Do You Need?

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