About this project

  •  Managed Universities web-front of more than 2,000 pages including 6 schools and 12 departments on 5 windows servers with rdc/iis
  • Upgraded website from dot net nuke content management system platform to Hannon Hills Cascade CMS
  • Managed google analytics and web marketing
  • Developed web-pages and functions using html, xhtml, css, javascript, xml, and velocity
  • Worked with deans, provost, and vice presidents to create web-pages and directories that relayed important academic messages
  • Worked in the marketing department to build the web-front with best SEO strategies
  • Created github environment for tracking changes to web-front styling

Digital Marketing Blog

Professional Google Services Management

Google Services play a vital role in today’s digital landscape, offering a wide range of tools and platforms that have become integral to both individuals and businesses. The importance of Google Services can be seen across various domains, from communication and productivity to marketing and data management.